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Dirty Dirk Scrubs-up For Shilpa

After some pressure from the group for not showering for days, Dirk embarked on a personal clean-up mission today, perhaps in a bid to catch the attention of a certain Bollywood beauty?

Obviously believing that women like their men 'au naturelle', the actor told his peers, "A woman likes the smell of a man's sweat. It excites them," before going-on to say, "I don't wear cologne or aftershave or that stuff. I want a woman to smell the real me". Nice.

However, he subsequently went for the full works: a shower, a shave and a scrub-up, and the result got him closer to Shilpa than ever before!

Exiting the bathroom at around 1pm, he came over and did a twirl for Shilpa and Jo, declaring, "Clean! The new clean (me)".

Shilpa asked to take a sniff to check that he was clean, so Dirk lent-in close and let his would-be bride take a good whiff.

However, Dirk's manly instincts quickly took over, and the aging actor nuzzled into the object of his desires, gave her an semi-intimate cuddle and almost caressed her bum!

The actress absolutely cracked-up as she rolled out of his way, running around the room, saying, "Oh my God... I am definitely nominating you!"

"I will have my way with you," joked Dirk, before clarifying that it was a line from a movie, and Shilpa carried-on laughing as she confirmed that the A-Team smoothie had passed the sniff test.

She then laid back down, took a deep breath and regained her composure, still smiling at the fellow actor's cheeky manoeuvre.

A hilarious moment, and it got us wondering if there's still a glimmer of hope for a second CBB romance?

Either that, or Dirk overstepped the mark and is in big trouble at the next round of noms!

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