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Channel 4: Protecting Their Own Interests

Channel 4 have been accused of protecting their own interests with their treatment of Jade over the past week, and also of manipulating the show to suit themselves.

For starters, the broadcaster is suspected of letting Jade know the full extent of the race row during a lengthy Diary Room conversation. Some fans think that Shilpa was even spoken-to and manipulated, mainly because she was so accepting of Jade's apology.

Channel 4 denies it.

When Channel 4 realised that Jade was likely to be evicted, they cancelled the crowd that would have met the disgraced evictee, and even told the media that there would be no press conference.

They've now admitted that Jade's eviction was recorded, although almost 9 million people tuned-in to watch it supposedly broadcast live – the largest audience in BB history.

However, Channel 4 have not disclosed the reason for prerecording it, which was arguably so that Jade's PR people could let her appreciate just how much of a furore she's caused, and also give her some answers ready for Davina's questions.

Indeed, Jade did seem to be looking to her advisers for the correct answers during the interview, which frankly wasn't all that taxing on the 25-year-old.

Over the weekend, Jade also appeared on Dermot O'Leary's BBLB show, but she wasn't exactly grilled then either. Dermot ended the interview saying that he thought she was genuinely repentant, but guest Andi Peters wasn't so sure.

The oft-witty TV exec was not convinced that Jade meant her apology, but pre-empted his comments with, "One mustn't bite the hand that occasionally feeds them," meaning Channel 4.

On that note, there appears to be a huge conflict of interests when Jade, Jack, Jackiey, Davina McCall, Dermot O'Leary, Russell Brand and even Cleo Rocos share the same agent (which may explain why the latter was 'on the fence' about Jade's abhorrent behaviour).

And then you hear that Jade is set to appear on the Matthew Wright show... we'll give you three guesses who his agent is? Yep, the same one as those listed above. Hmmm, all very incestuous, some might say.

But why would they protect Jade to such a great extent? Why not let her fall on her own sword? Well, the fact that she has already filmed a pilot chat show for Channel 4 might have something to do with it!

Almost certain to be as naff and inane as Charlotte Church's, the top bods probably assumed that they could do well with Jade's offering on the back of her heightened profile from CBB5. It even begs the question: was she sent into the House for that reason alone?

And the conjecture doesn't end there, as Channel 4 have also been accused of editing the show to suit them now that Jade has gone, by making Dirk look grumpy, Shilpa happy and Jermaine worthy, not to mention making Danielle, Jo and Cleo look like right bitches.

Of course, if Shilpa were to win, it would quell a great deal of the heat currently being directed at the publicly-owned broadcaster; to be fair, we think she can do it on her own merit and without their help.

Still, it's all getting a bit farcical now and the final straw for fans would be if the crowd at the next evictions, where Danielle and Jo are almost certain to go if they're up, was cancelled.

For once, Channel 4, listen to what the fans want. If they want to come to your studio and boo the baddies, let 'em. They might even boo the evictees while they're there.

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