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Showgirls Task Passed

Big Brother announced the latest weekly task this afternoon, one that would see the four lads and the four lasses become... well, showgirls!

The all-seeing entity obviously enjoyed the Battle of the Bands last week, which saw the housemates take to the stage as Jackson 5 and STEPS tribute acts. And very enjoyable it was too.

No doubt Dirk's recent 'Dad-dancing' has also been an inspiration, so tonight the group were set to perform a Moulin Rouge style chorus routine, which would nab them a luxury shopping budget if performed correctly.

The news that there was more prancing on the horizon received a mixed reaction from the group: Ian looked amazed, Cleo looked amused but poor old Dirk looked decidedly dour!

To complete the task, the CBB eight would have to learn a series of moves including Start Pose, Steps, Kicks, Hips, Twirls, Freestyle, Leg To Side, Roll & Arms, Switch Over and End pose.

With the group having been instructed to look at the plasma, you could almost hear the smirk on Big Bro's metaphorical face as it advised them to pay close attention to the onscreen routine.

Watching the dancers in action, Ian, Danielle and Shilpa shook their collective booty, with the latter looking like she knows a move or two, and Ian looking like, well, a bit of a prat!

Jermaine complained that some of the moves were a bit girlie, and some of the girls were up-in-arms about the costumes. Nonetheless, they all got stuck-in to the practice.

STEPS star Ian became choreographer and experienced dancer Shilpa assisted him, something that didn't go down too well with a certain fag-smoking blonde. "She always has to take over," bitched Jo as she watched from afar, getting-in another jibe for one of her least-favourite peers.

When it came time to perform, the gang got into formation and 'H' barked the moves, as everyone rotated, switched, kicked and marched their way through the routine.

And the group duly passed despite four fails, although the Faceman did display some great hip gyrating action to make up for his own two errors.

Dullard Jack also incurred two fails, which was amazingly low given that a cardboard cut-out of him probably would have had more rhythm!

Woo-hoo. Come back STEPS, all is forgiven!

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