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The Dirk Benedict Fan Club... Not!

Dirk may have been the super-suave lady killer in the A-Team, but that was 20 years ago. So, has his way with the ladies deserted him along with his boyish looks in the intervening years?

If you ask Danielle, Jo and Cleo, then the answer is a definite yes!

For the trio, who seem to have re-formed The Witches now that Cleo has joined the coven, spend much of their time bitching about the 61-year-old would-be lothario.

"Is it just me, or is he f***ing rude?" said non-fan Jo, as the girls tarted themselves up in the bedroom.

"Rude," confirmed Cleo, who verbally snubbed Dirk when he had a faux-romp with Shilpa recently, and got snubbed herself when she pestered him with her excruciatingly unfunny character 'Tiara'.

"I was trying to talk to him, but he's got an attitude problem," said Jo, who seems to get a 'dig' in for the actor every time she catches a glimpse of him.

Then mouthpiece Danielle chipped-in, saying that Dirk decides when he wants to talk to people, basically suggesting that he has selective hearing.

'Young Pat Butcher' lookalike Jo agreed, then scowled, "He's a miserable, bitter, twisted old man who still thinks he's 25. Well he ain't, he's 60".

Miserable? Bitter? What, like a certain singer who used to be in a successful band, clearly didn't make enough money from it, can't get a solo career going and who's house is on the line if she doesn't find a better income?

Erm, pots and kettles Jo, pots and kettles.

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