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Newbie Housemates: Better Late Than Never?

There's just 7 days of this series left, but fans are now wondering what ever happened to the newbies that were supposed to be arriving last week. Well, frankly we don't know.

A number of new housemates were set to enter the BB House last Wednesday morning, but because of the Jade race row furore, it got postponed.

It was then allegedly set to happen on Friday after the eviction, but got postponed again... until Saturday... and then Sunday. You get the idea.

To be honest, we're not sure if the plan to put some new faces in is likely to go ahead now, especially as Channel 4 would have to pay the participants a fair whack for just a one-week stint.

Also, there would probably be an(other) outrage if they were eligible to win. Saying that, perhaps a couple of new faces could turn-up for just a couple of days, a bit like Jimmy Saville did last year?

Anyway, whether they eventually turn-up or not, here's who we believe was on the sidelines last week: Aussie paparazzo and owner of the Big Pictures agency, Darryn Lyons, and transsexual Yank actor, Alexis Arquette.

However, there's no point in telling you anything about them, as they may never arrive; but we're not sure that they're suitable now anyway.

Last Monday we would have said 'yes' to arguable-git Darryn and either Lauren Harries or Alexis Arquette coming in. Having been watching the show, a bolshy Darryn could have given Jade some stick and Lauren is also no shrinking violet either. Alexis, it seems, is quite a controversial character too.

However, one week on, and an International race row and bullying furore later, we'd rather have some less-serious characters in there now.

On that note, we reckon they should forget the people mentioned above and put eccentric, fun and annoying figures like Timmy 'Wacaday' Mallett or Christopher 'On Safari' Biggins in the House. Yes, seriously!

Anyway, please vote in our Home page Poll, asking your opinion on whether the producers should introduce anyone else at this stage of the game.

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