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Does Shilpa Have The Game Sewn-up?

So, we're moving into the last week of the series and this time last week it was anybody's game. However, we wonder if Shilpa has things all sewn-up now?

She is the favourite to win Celebrity Big Brother 5 by a mile, and all the bullying from Jade, Danielle and Jo has only increased her chances. But would it be justified if the Bollywood beauty won?

Well, people were worried early-on last year (BB7) that eventual Winner Pete would get the sympathy vote just because he had Tourettes; the 'Awww factor' if you like. In the end, however, he won because he was the best character.

Thinking about Shilpa, you have to wonder if she'll get that same sympathy vote due to all the bullying. Or, perhaps Brits will feel that she must win now in an effort to undo the damage done to our nation's reputation.

But that's rather unfair to Shilpa, someone who's demonstrated remarkable qualities in the face of a veritable torrent of bullying, disdain and downright ignorance from Jade, Jackiey and others. Qualities such as dignity, integrity, resilience and compassion (would Jade have cried for Shilpa if she'd been evicted last Friday?)

Then you have Shilpa's beauty, intelligence, class, sense of fun and relative humility (given what she's used to) to take into account, and you have to wonder if anyone else could beat her.

Okay, so she's lost her rag, she's sworn, she's flirted, but what people have to remember is that just because Shilpa comes from a different culture to ours, it doesn't mean she's a Nun!

Here at BBO, we're not massive Shilpa fans, that's to say that we're not pro-Shilpa and nothing else – we also like Dirk, Jermaine and Ian as BB characters. However, it's hard not to admire Shilpa's traditionally British qualities of stiff upper lip and determination to 'trudge on through' regardless.

We might be going full circle in our argument here, but Brits always tend to support the underdog, and despite everything Shilpa has going for her, she has arguably been forced into that role in the BB House.

Therefore, we think it will be hard for anyone to beat the 31-year-old beauty now, even if she hasn't been the most entertaining housemate of the series.

At today's odds, if you staked £50 on the 'Outright Winner' of the show and were successful, you'd get a profit of: Shilpa - £22, Jermaine - £250, Dirk - £500, Ian - £550, Cleo - £700, plus your stake back at the current odds of 4/9, 5/1, 10/1, 11/1 and 14/1 respectively.

So, as you can see, you'd really need to stake over £50 on Shilpa to make it worthwhile. However, even a £25 bet on any of the others would get you over £100 profit, so it could be worth the risk? This is especially-so because you can also get a Free £25 Bet for your troubles (providing you stake at least £25).

To get your Free £25 Bet from Blue Square and check the latest odds at the same time, click here and head for the Specials section at the top. You can also get a Free £10 Bet from Paddy Power by clicking here. The latter company also offers the 'Next Eviction' market, plus many other BB markets.

Don't forget, you can always come and discuss the likelihood of Shilpa winning in our Discussion Forum, or just read what everyone has to say.

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