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Cleo's Comedy Flirting Riles Dirk

Cleo adopted one of her fun personas today, but a certain cigar-smoking 61-year-old didn't find it the least bit funny.

Apparently, Cleo came into the Big Brother House with a load of different costumes, supposedly so she could play various comedy characters to liven things up.

The real reason, we feel, is because Cleo thinks she's the next Catherine Tate, and is touting for her own show...

However, you'd have to be funny for that to work. Tsshhh!

Anyway, having donned one of her costumes this morning, the one-time Kenny Everett cohort decided to flirt with Dirk, but her japery backfired big time.

For the actor best known for playing a ladies-man was not the least bit amused, snapping at Jo, "Do you think that's funny?"

He then asked Cleo when she'd be going back to normal, however the red head just carried on with the character, causing the cigar-smoking housemate to head for the garden.

Shilpa took Cleo aside to tell her to calm it down, but the 44-year-old was dismissive, saying, "Aah... he can dish it out, but he can't take it." Ian thought it was funny but said she went too far, and Jermaine also reckoned that Cleo should cool it.

However, Jo was with Cleo, and the two girls vowed to continue winding him up.

In the words of his old mucker Mr. T, we 'pity the fool' who deliberately winds-up old grumpy-chops Dirkus!

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