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Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dirk

We had the Battle Of The Bands recently which was probably the most fun day of the series yet, but this afternoon the housemates ditched pop music and got serious, as they formed the Big Brother Philharmonic Orchestra.

However, they weren't let loose on real instruments, something that would surely have resulted the most almighty din?

Rather, they had to use their vocal chords to emulate all the different orchestral sounds, and also mime the actions of their designated pretend-instruments at the same time.

The group was given an hour-and-a-half to practice Rossini's 'William Tell Overture', and here's what instruments they decided to, erm, play:

Cleo and Dirk chose brass, Danielle and Shilpa went for woodwind, Jack, Jermaine and Jo took care of the strings, and Jade went for percussion.

Ian was the conductor of the piece and counted them in as the performance got going, the leader waving his baton throughout like a nutty professor.

Proper musician Jermaine seemed to be holding things together, but Dirk proved the most eccentric and made his peers crack-up with a mad sax solo.

The group passed the task, even though Jade's drums sounded more like brass, Danielle's flute was more of a whistle, and at least one unknown performer seemed to be playing the kazoo!

For their efforts, the ensemble won themselves some posh nosh in advance of the eviction.

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