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Max Clifford Says 'Odds Against Jade'

PR guru Max Clifford has given his opinion on the mountainous situation that Jade will face if she's evicted at the most talked about BB eviction ever tonight.

Speaking on Russell Brand's Big Brother's Big Mouth show, he said of Jade's predicament:

"Obviously she's gonna' have an uphill struggle, because I think she'll realise she needs to convince the British public that what they've seen over the last few days isn't racism and isn't bullying.

She's obviously gonna' mount, with her agent's help, a massive PR campaign to try and go on television, go in the media, and hope that the British public believe her. But it's not gonna' be easy; it's going to be difficult for her."

When asked by the presenter if he thought it was feasible for Jade to turn things around, Max said, "It's possible, but I would say right now that the odds are against her".

Then, referring to the possibility that Jade could lose her career, Russell asked if that was deserved and if she'd be forgiven.

"I think that Jade is more 'exploited than exploiter'," said the spin doctor, prompting Russell to ask why.

"I think that she was put there to create controversy... she did create controversy and it's been a huge success for the programme and the programme-makers. When they put her in there, they must have had a very good idea what would happen."

Fans and the media will ultimately decide Jade's fate, but meanwhile one of Dermot O'Leary's guests made an interesting and apt comment on tonight's Big Brother's Little Brother show.

Having discussed the racism and bullying issues along with fellow guest Rhona Cameron, Radio 1 DJ Nihal said about Celebrity Big Brother 5:

"This is the closest Big Brother has ever got to being what it initially meant to be, which was a social experiment. The whole point of Big Brother is to bring out the worst in people, its not to bring out the best."

"It's not so all these people are sat around having a nice cup of tea all day long. It IS to bring out the worst and to expose hypocrisy, ignorance and bigotry."

You know what, he has a good point.

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