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Jade's Worried, Shilpa's Not

Having learnt that they're up for eviction just a couple of hours ago, Jade and Shilpa have been talking about their feelings regarding the fact that it might be 'game over' for them tonight.

Talking to Big Bro in the Diary Room, Jade claimed that she was nervous about being kicked-out. "It was different four years ago, because I had nothing to lose. Now, I'm a known person and there are people that like me. I've got a fan base and I'm scared of being rejected," said the 25-year-old.

Then, clearly worried about saving her own, er, bacon, Jade told Big Brother that she was worried about being dubbed a racist on the outside, saying, "I said something regarding Shilpa's surname that I think may have caused offence to people outside".

"It wasn't meant in a racist way at all and it worries me that people may think of me as a racial person that makes racial comments. Shilpa says she knows I'm not racist, but the press have a lot of power (and) could influence a lot of people."

Shilpa, meanwhile, was less concerned about her own fate, telling Ian that she will be fine if she gets evicted tonight.

"I don't mind getting evicted, I just didn't want to leave as a loser," said the actress, before explaining that she was determined not to be a quitter like Donny, Ken and Leo.

"I'll just miss you guys," added Shilpa, looking slightly forlorn but not overly worried.

And rightly so, as we all know that the Bollywood babe has nothing to worry about whatsoever.

Unlike Jade, her place in the game is as safe as houses.

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