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Second Round Nominees Announced

The group nominated for the second time on Wednesday afternoon, but they weren't told the nominees until today, the day of the actual (3rd) eviction.

Big Bro gathered everyone together approaching 11am this morning, and provided them with a cracking cooked breakfast. We won't say that it was like feeding pigs up ready for slaughter, because that's not nice. Ahem!

As the group duly tucked-in to the greasy grub, news of their fate was only minutes away, and Jo predicted that there was bad news to come.

When the nominees were announced, Jade's name was called first, prompting the one-time Bermondsey girl to start giggling along with Shilpa. And when Shilpa's name was called-out next, the Bollywood star burst into laughter.

Having come to terms with the possibility of being up already, Jade exclaimed, "We knew that last night anyway," and Shilpa agreed. Both girls took it well.

"It's okay," said Shilpa, as Jermaine and Dirk joked around, wishing they'd been named so that they can go home.

"I knew I'd be up," said Jade. "Me too," added Shilpa, before Ian noted that at least the person who leaves will get to sleep in their own bed... not that Jade will be getting much sleep for a few days!

So, the two nominees facing the boot at the next eviction are now confirmed as: Jade and Shilpa.

Fans are now voting for who they'd like to send home, but by the time either Jade or Shilpa leaves (it will be Jade!), the voting lines won't even have been open for a full 24 hours.

The voting text and telephone numbers are detailed in another article from our Celebrity Big Brother 5 Latest News section.

Who stays, who goes? YOU decide!

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