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Is Jade's Career At The Cliff's Edge?

Jade was confidently telling Danni and Jo about her original Big Brother experience and subsequent success this morning, completely oblivious to the fate that awaits her.

Jade told the girls that she was assigned a bodyguard for a while when she left the House, ironically adding, "Not because I needed protection from hatred".

Then, when talking about the frenzy to buy her story, Jade said, "There's was a lot of interest in me from all these different people, and the first thing I did there was a massive bidding war".

Oh, how different things will be this time around Jade... you'll probably have to pay them to get anywhere near their pages!

The 25-year-old then told Jo that her agent might be able to resurrect the former S Club singer's career, before saying how she does some interviews for free, but gets paid if magazines want to talk about her diet.

On that note, Jade has been accused of lying to promote her most recent DVD, by claiming that she shed weight through a fitness regime, when in fact it was by liposuction.

Jo fretted that the tabloids could have written anything about her (Jo) while she's been in the House, and in response Jade replied, "That doesn't matter in all fairness... and if they have, there is always a way that you can always justify it".

In other words, you can get your PR people to put some spin on it to try and smooth things over. Well, Jade's lot will certainly have their work cut-out after tonight's eviction.

Playing the established celebrity, Jade then dished-out loads of advice about how Jo should cash in on her fame, even though the singer said that she's not there to promote anything.

"You need to use the whole 'I'm famous again' as an advantage," said Jade, before adding, "Otherwise you're just gonna' get what you got to come in here". That's at least £10k a week for a few weeks of sitting around; not bad work if you can get it.

Hapless Jade told her peers last night that she was probably at the 'pinnacle' of her career, but having caused a major International race row this week, the former dental nurse is probably closer to the cliff-edge of it!

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