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No Crowd At The 3rd Eviction

Channel 4 have announced that there will be no crowd at tonight's 3rd Eviction, where controversial contestant Jade Goody is a certainty to be evicted.

As you know, when a housemate gets evicted, the first thing that greets them is the cheering and booing of the waiting fans. And in true panto style, those fans have taken to booing most housemates just for the sake of it these days.

However, when a housemate becomes a true hate figure, the disdain from the crowd can be overwhelming.

Seeing as Jade has stirred-up a hornet's nest, Channel 4 have decided to scrap the crowd, reasoning that whoever the evictee is, they won't be aware of the absolute furore on the outside.

Therefore, perhaps fearing actual physical violence or things being thrown at Jade, the broadcaster is not inviting the public, who would doubtless have been viciously vocal in letting Jade know just what they think of her.

However, the studio audience has also been scrapped (save for a smattering of crew members), as has the traditional press conference afterwards.

The latter is bound to infuriate the press and is arguably a way of helping Jade thrash-out a 'career-rescue' plan with her PR people.

It is almost inevitable that Channel 4 will contrive to help Jade talk to her advisors before she chats to Davina. In other words, Jade will leave the House at around 9.45pm and have 20 minutes to take in everything that has happened on the outside.

Her interview will then be recorded, and shown to us at 10.30pm as if live. This is sure to anger Big Brother fans, who think that Jade should be spoken-to the minute she walks out.

On that note, we hope that Davina, who is signed to the same agent as Jade, Jack and Jackiey, confronts the evictee properly about the huge controversy that she's caused.

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