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Who Goes Tonight? Erm, Let Me Think!

Normally, this article would begin 'Who goes tonight? YOU decide!' Nothing has changed on that front, it's just that the first part of that phrase is effectively a stupid question. For we already know who's leaving tonight... it's Jade.

Tonight's 3rd Eviction couldn't be more apt, as arch enemies Shilpa and Jade go up against each other. It's Bollywood vs. Bermondsey, the Beauty vs. the Beast, some other B-based showdown emphasised by using alliteration!

But it's not really a showdown to be honest, it's more of a whitewash. Jade WILL leave the Big Brother House tonight as the 3rd Evictee, the 6th person to go.

Not only that, but the 25-year-old is looking likely to gain around 90% in the public vote that will send her home in 9th place; she came 4th during her last stay in the (old) Big Brother House in 2002.

Actually, we say 'send her home', but if news reports are to be believed, she will be whisked-off under Police escort to a secret location for a while, and have a bodyguard assigned to protect her. Crikey!

Mind you, what we have to remember is that Jade hasn't just been objectionable like BB7 contestants Grace and Sezer (who were evicted with 88% and 91% respectively), she has managed to stir-up an International race row.

Anyway, we say that Jade's eviction is a foregone conclusion, but that doesn't mean that fans should sit back and assume others will vote... especially if they want to see her take the title of 'Most Hated BB Contestant EVER' away from sleazy Sezer!

If you fancy a bet on the outcome of tonight's eviction, you're a bit stuffed if you agree with us about Jade. We say that because she's currently a whopping 1/50 to go, meaning you'd have to stake (risk) £50 just to make £1 profit. Basically, they don't want you to bet.

So, a bet on Jade is pointless, especially as you would lose your stake if she happened to quit this afternoon. However, there are other BB markets that might be worth a go, especially as you can get yourself a FREE £25 Bet plus a FREE £10 Bet.

For instance, sign-up with BlueSquare, and if you stake at least £25 (it doesn't have to be on Big Brother), they will give you a Free £25 Bet. Currently, you can get the following odds on Cleo, Dirk and Jermaine to become the Outright Winner of CBB5: 9/2, 6/1 and 7/1.

So, a £25 stake on Cleo would return you nearly £140 if she went all the way; the same stake on Dirk or Jermaine would return you £175 or £200 respectively. To place a bet and check the latest odds, click here and head for the Specials section at the top of the page.

Alternatively (or aswell as), you can get a Free £10 Bet from Paddy Power, and they offer all sorts of BB markets in their Novelty Bets section, including whether Jade will get a higher percentage than Sezer, who will quit next, whether Teddy and Danielle will split-up etc. Click here to sign-up and check the latest odds.

Anyway, you have until around 9pm tonight, Friday the 19th of January 2007 to register your vote for the person you'd like to get rid-of next. You can find the voting telephone and text numbers in another article from Week 2 of our Celebrity Big Brother 5 Latest News section.

Don't forget, you can always come and discuss all the Big Brother goings-on in our Discussion Forum, or just come and read what everyone has to say.

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