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Jade 'Bigs Herself Up' (Again)

She suspected that she was facing eviction tomorrow, and was aware that there might be some kind of race controversy surrounding her, but it didn't stop Jade confidently bigging herself up tonight.

The 1am conversation evolved when Cleo, Danielle, Ian, Jade, Jo and Jack were chatting in the lounge about why they were chosen as housemates and the reasons some of the group quit. Well, we say that they were chatting, but obviously the latter didn't actually speak!

With Cleo having mentioned that Donny's career is just getting going, Jade managed to bring the conversation around to her own career.

"I've got a best-selling perfume and a best-selling book. Most things I do... (I'm) not trying to blow my own trumpet, but every TV programme I do are (sic) the most watched TV programmes next to Princess Diana's documentary. Now that's a f*****g lot."

Then, in an annoyingly nasal voice, Jade added, "My book was the next best seller to some football player's... my DVDs have already sold really well. Everything I've done has become a success". Obviously, she had temporarily forgotten about her salon, which traded for just a year.

Next, the qualified beautician told the group that if she was booted-out it would be a form of rejection, somewhat stating the obvious seeing as that's what the game is all about: the public rejecting the people they don't like or get tired of.

The barmy brunette then seemed to prophesise her impending fall from grace, by saying, "I am probably... without sounding cynical or big headed or anything, at the peak of my career".

Jade then claimed that she's not 'up her own a*se', something she accused Shilpa of being quite early-on. However, we don't recall Shilpa harping-on about how influential she is, how well known she is, how successful she is or how much money she's earned.

So, which one of the soon-to-be nominees is the most 'up' themselves?

YOU decide!

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