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Newbies Postponed/ Nominees Withheld

Yesterday, in a rather vague news article, we claimed that a number of new housemates were due to arrive today. However, that hasn't actually happened and it isn't going to now, but don't blame us!

Channel 4 originally planned to send the newbies in on Wednesday morning, and even hinted to us that fans should watch the live streaming to see what happens.

However, after Jade and Shilpa's 'lie-based' slanging match on Tuesday night, the broadcaster postponed its plans in the morning in-order to evaluate the atmosphere within the group.

There was then a suggestion that the newbies, two or three in number, might arrive in the afternoon. However, the rumours suggesting that they were set to arrive during a live Wednesday night show were just that, rumours. That was never going to happen.

Anyway, Channel 4 have decided to pull the whole stunt for now, but suggested that something might go ahead on Friday night after the 3rd Eviction.

We know, the situation is a bit like 'cry wolf', but it reflects the constant revaluation that the show's producers are having to do in light of the bullying/ racism furore.

Indeed, they were set to reveal the nominees after the second round of nominations took place today, but that has also been postponed until tomorrow, leaving just one day of voting for Friday's eviction.

This time, it seems, Channel 4 have put the potential voting profit to the back of their minds; understandable under the circumstances.

So, to clarify (something of a misnomer in this case), a number of newbie housemates will probably be arriving within the next few days, and we can reveal that rumoured housemate Lauren Harries is not going in, but obnoxious and flamboyant 'pap'/ Big Pictures owner Darryn Lyons apparently is.

Stick with BBO for all the (mis)information!

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