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New Housemates Arriving Wednesday?

Right, first things first... we apologise for this being, without doubt, the vaguest article we've ever written!

Often, BBO brings you inside gossip or information hours or even days before everyone else, and we can now confirm that some new housemates are set to arrive tomorrow, possibly in the morning (Wednesday the 17th of January 2007).

However, our secret moles are staying largely in their holes on this one, so we really can't tell you much more.

We believe that a number of people will turn-up and enter the House; it could be two, it will probably be three, but might even be the remainder of the Jackson 5!

Furthermore, we believe that at least one them is American and that one is non-white, but other than that, we're stumped (next you'll be telling us they might have skin and hair in true Mystic Meg style! - Ed).

It's not even clear if the new arrivals will be eligible to win the show, or if they'll just be visitors for a few days. But if they are eligible to win, and assuming that one or two people get the boot on Friday night, that would leave around ten/ eleven people in the game going into the final week.

So, even if the producers evicted one person each-and-every night next week (a la Love Island), there would still be five or six people in House over the last few days. Judging by last year's show, that's about right, so it looks like nightly evictions will be essential if the latecomers become proper housemates.

It seems strange that Channel 4 aren't making more of a fuss about this and introducing the newbies during a live show. After all, call us old cynics, but some hype surrounding that might have diverted attention away from the recent bullying and race issues.

A spokesperson for the broadcaster told us, mysteriously, "I can't say what's set to happen on Wednesday morning, if anything. If fans want to see what's going on, they'll just have to tune-in to e4 to find out!"

So there you go. You're probably none-the-wiser and unless you've got access to the live streaming, you'll just have to stay in suspense for a little while longer!

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