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'Copter Confusion

At around two o'clock this afternoon there was confusion and excitement in equal measure amongst the group, as a helicopter flew over the Big Brother House.

Spotting the chopper, Big Bro instructed everyone to come indoors and remain in the lounge, although most of the group were already inside anyway.

As they gathered around the sofas, Dirk, who'd been outside in the garden, said of the chopper, "It must be something to do with us 'cos he came overhead and started circling around us".

Jade, meanwhile, thought the plasma screen was about to burst into life, and the fact that both Jack and Cleo were in the Diary Room just fuelled speculation about what might happen next.

"I reckon they're in the helicopter," offered an excited Jo, but Jade was in a panic and fretted that her cardboard-like beau had been sent home and Cleo would soon deliver the bad news. No such luck, BB fans!

Dirk, however, made light of the situation, joking that the 'copter probably contained Jermaine's brother Michael!

But Jo was in full conspiracy mode and pondered whether something could had happened to Tony Blair. "Would they have to inform us if something's happened to our Prime Minister or something?" said the blonde.

Back on the subject of the chopper, Ian stated that it was probably just a random TV crew trying to contact the housemates. However, Jade pointed-out that they would have been towing a banner or something if that was the case.

Anyway, less than five minutes later the group was released from the lounge, so precisely what was going on?

Nothing. Nada. Nish!

It was simply the case that a helicopter flew over the House – forcing BB to call everyone inside in case it made contact with the group – at the same time that Jack and Cleo were recompiling the shopping list because the group fluffed it up yesterday.

Jack and Cleo's return some 20 minutes later brought an end to all the conspiracy theories and speculation, not to mention the excitement.

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