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Love And Marriage

With the group sat around the sofas chatting this afternoon, the conversation turned to love, marriage, parenthood and sex, with Shilpa enlightening her peers about Indian traditions.

Jo asked the Bollywood beauty at what age Indian women usually become Mums, and Shilpa explained that they usually marry in their twenties and thirties. "After 30, then it's like, 'Okay, now you really need to get married'," said the 31-year-old with a cheeky look.

However, the actress then conceded that trends are changing and more-and-more women are leaving it until they're over 25.

Jade then asked about virginity, wondering if Indian women generally wait until they're married before having sex. However, Shilpa was a little uneasy with the question as it's a very contentious issue – a famous person caused uproar in India with her views last year.

The celebrity in question basically claimed that Indian men don't expect to marry virgin brides these days, and suggested that as long as a couple are happily married and are both loyal, it doesn't matter.

Jo asked, "Does a man prefer to marry a virgin?" and in response Shilpa said that she had personally been out with guys who are very progressive i.e. they accept that a woman might not be a virgin.

Shilpa then claimed that she's not against sex before marriage, but is totally against people being promiscuous. "I could not get into a physical relationship with someone if I wasn't emotionally attracted."

Next, the single housemate explained that she comes from a very small community, and talked about her first boyfriend, saying, "I thought he was the be-all and end-all".

There followed some chat about what age the housemates lost their virginity, with Shilpa stating that even 16 and 14 year-olds know more about 'stuff' in India today. She was being coy about mentioning the word sex, as she would normally say 'making love' instead.

With Shilpa admitting that divorce is available in India these days, the group concluded that it's great when couples have been an item for years and grow old together.

Aww, bless!

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