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Jo's Conversation Is Going To The Dogs

Danielle accidentally 'got her puppies out' during today's task, but this afternoon whilst waiting for the task to take place, Jo was discussing a totally different kind of puppies... the K9 type.

"My dogs love it when I talk in a silly voice," said dog breeder Jo adopting a silly voice. "They get so excited. It's called doggy language." Erm, okay.

Cleo then said that she loved the smell of dogs, perhaps meaning the distinctive smell that newborn puppies have, rather than the wet blanket/ dirty socks smell that some mutts seem to acquire.

However Jade ruined the moment by saying, "Puppies smell of p**s".

"You're smelling the wrong end," said Cleo, exercising some dry wit, but Jo then suggested there's something about dogs' breath that she likes. "It's gorgeous," agreed Danielle bizarrely. Ewww!

Then Jo, clearly obsessed with her furry friends, revealed that she often goes out just to smell her dogs. "I smell my dogs for ages."

The thing is, 'dog people' can talk to each other for hours about the finer points of grooming, dried food and vet bills. However, after about five minutes, the average person – whether they have a dog or not – begins to switch off.

And Jo is definitely in danger of boring them all to death with her constant K9 conversation.

They say that dogs often end-up looking like their owners. So, judging by Jo's oft-scowling boat race of late, whatever breed her pups are, they'll probably end-up looking like the proverbial bulldog licking pee off a thistle!

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