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Assault Course Task Failed

This afternoon the housemates were told to put on their gladrags for a 'red carpet event'. However, it wasn't quite what they were thinking of... it was a red carpet assault course, complete with gunge, gunge and yet more gunge! Oh Big Bro, you rascal!

Expecting cocktails and caviar, the excited group got changed into their posh frocks and tuxedos, with Jo speculating that they might be about to welcome a new housemate. Nah.

Plenty of slap was thrown-on by the girls, and enough hair-drying and coifing took place to welcome the Queen, but the group soon found-out that their efforts were in vain.

They were given 9 minutes to complete the course, which featured a Limo, a VIP Pit, a Champagne Fountain, a Shower Of Awards, the Crawl Of Fame, Fan Frenzy and finally, just when they were bound to be looking their worst, a Photo Opportunity to cap it all off.

Dirk and Jermaine seemed to make the most effort, attacking the course in a determined bid to nab the group another luxury food budget. The girls, however, had a few problems getting around, namely that Jade's boobs nearly popped-out in true Janet Jackson stylie, and Danni's dress ended-up falling to her waist.

Letchy old duffer Ken would have been in his element!

Anyway, despite their best efforts, the group completed the task in 10 minutes and 35 seconds, meaning they failed and would therefore receive a measly shopping budget of just £1 per person, per day.

Oh well, it's the, erm, taking part that counts. Chick peas ahoy!

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