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Stuck In The Middle With You

Jade and Shilpa had a 'difficult discussion' last night, and even though they were not privy to all it, early risers Jermaine and Ian noted this morning that the House seems to be splitting into two groups.

The pair are stuck firmly in the middle of all the hassle, and Jermaine tentatively asked Ian if the Witches (or Jade's Crew as he calls them) were bullying Shilpa last night; Ian, who was there at the beginning of the late-night convo, replied in the affirmative.

"I'm not playing those games. I'm not going to be part of it," said Ian, positioning himself firmly on the fence. However, the quiet man was quicker to take sides, suggesting that Shilpa should whip their a*ses with some Kung Fu!

Blimey, what's got into the normally passive and softly-spoken Muslim musician?

And, like a true friend, Jermaine offered Shilpa some words of comfort when she emerged from the bedroom, saying, "Jade can't read you because she's not on your level. You have to stay true to the person in your heart".

Trying to be philosophical, Shilpa suggested that the experience would make her a stronger person.

Meanwhile, Ian likened the House to the William Golding novel 'Lord of the Flies', where a group of shipwrecked kids eventually splits into two factions: arguably the more intelligent, passive lot, and the barbaric bullies.

Well, the bestselling book and the Celebrity Big Brother 5 House certainly have something in common... a character dubbed 'Piggy!'

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