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Tears Before Bedtime

Shilpa looked set for a restless night tonight, having been involved in a pre-midnight barnie with Jade. Actually, it wasn't a full-blown barnie as such, but the conversation certainly made Shilpa shed tears before bedtime.

It all started when Shilpa, Jade and Cleo were having a conversation about the earlier chicken fiasco, with Shilpa pointing-out that it had been cooked for the requisite 2 hrs and 15 minutes.

However, Shilpa had become offended by Jo turning her nose up at the meal, and as sure as eggs is eggs, Jade stuck up for her pal.

In response, Shilpa noted that there seems to be a clash or argument every day, adding, "I come from a completely different country... I don't fit in". Indeed, fans have accused Jade, Jo and Danielle of bullying the Indian actress and the trio have even been dubbed 'The Three Witches' by some!

Jade claimed that she didn't want Shilpa to feel like that, as the latter shed a tear. However, arguably contradicting the statement she'd just made, Jade then suggested that when Shilpa gets emotional, it comes across as fake.

Furthermore, former dental nurse Jade stated that the Bollywood actress is hard to read, because one minute she'll be playing with someone's hair, and the next she'll be voting them out (i.e Carole).

The conversation went on for over half-an-hour, with Jade telling her peer that she should stop cooking, and seriously berating her for playing the game properly and choosing Carole over Cleo.

Shilpa explained that it IS just a game, adding, "I have to play the game if I'm here," but Jade snapped, "Exactly!" as though the 31-year-old had just incriminated herself.

"I am playing the game by the rules, I am not playing any mind-games," protested Shilpa, who was absolutely gutted that people might think she's not genuine.

Shilpa ended-up in tears again and Cleo came over to console her, but frankly the red head wasn't exactly supportive throughout the difficult conversation, and if anything supported Jade's decision to speak out.

What's that phrase? Who needs enemies...?

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