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2nd Evictee: Carole Malone

Following the first round of nominations yesterday where Carole and Cleo were punished, it should have been Carole, Dirk and Leo up for eviction tonight. However, as the latter escaped the House earlier in the day, the 2nd Eviction ended-up being between Carole and Dirk.

At the time Leo left, our Poll had him on 53%, with Carole on 42% and Dirk on 5%. However, we re-jigged things after Leo had gone, and by the time of the eviction it was reading: 18% for Dirk and 82% for Carole.

And that turned-out to be pretty accurate, as Carole became the 2nd Evictee (but the fifth person to leave the game) with a majority of 77% in the public vote.

As Davina announced the news, Carole gritted her teeth and then turned straight to Dirk to congratulate him. "There you go, you're (still) here," joked the journo, before laughing and saying, "He really wanted to go home!"

Carole was fine about it and as the group flocked to give her a hug, a miserable-looking Dirk – somewhat reminiscent of Jack Dee during CBB1 – quipped, "Who's gonna' console me?" He then suggested that he could always don a blonde wig and go in her place!

Dirk eventually let out a sigh of relief and sat back down as Carole received all the attention. Fair enough, seeing as he was the one that the group actually nominated.

The soon-to-be evicted 52-year-old claimed that she'd be going for a drink that night, and then told Cleo that she might have to get straight into writing her Sunday Mirror column.

When it came time to leave, a smiling Carole received big hugs from the whole group; first Cleo, then Jermaine, Jo, Ian, Shilpa, Dirk and Jack, just fitting in a quick embrace with Danni and Jade as the countdown ended.

Just before she went up the stairs, Carole told the group to be good and be careful and, looking back at her peers when half-way up, said, "See you soon". Once at the top, she shouted, "Love you lots guys, take care," quickly checked her hair and grimaced as the double doors opened.

The evictee was met by boos and cheers as she waved to the crowd and said 'Hi', thanking them for showing-up as she walked down the steps to meet Davina. A quick pose for the press and a beaming Carole was just an interview away from the end of her BB experience.

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