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The Davina Interview: Leo Sayer

Although Leo walked-out like Donny and Ken, he stuck around long enough to have an interview with Davina, perhaps in an attempt to repair some of damage done to his reputation?

As the interview began, Leo gave a Fonz-style thumbs-up to the crowd, arguably in a bid to get back to his old 'likeable, bubbly guy' persona. Davina asked what had finally made the former star crack, and he replied, "It was the underpants. I'd run out, and I didn't want to wash my smalls in front of everybody else".

When the host suggested that it was a silly reason to quit, Leo agreed and then admitted that it was a fuss over nothing anyway, as he still had a spare pair in his suitcase. Doh!

After some sympathy from the audience, Leo was then asked if the real reason he left was due to fear over being kicked-out, but the 58-year-old refuted the suggestion, saying, "I just got to a point really where I got tired, my energy went... I wasn't feeling very good".

Next, Davina revealed that it would have been Leo leaving anyway at the 2nd Eviction as he'd polled the highest number of votes, to-which he simply replied, "That's okay".

The fact that his actions meant someone else would now get the boot seemed to go over Leo's head. "How does that sit with you?" asked Davina, receiving a reply of, "That's cool, because we all have to make our own decisions".

About his time in the House, Leo said that had some fun and acknowledged that he did some silly things, but claimed that he's not really like that in reference to all the swearing etc. Nevertheless, he accepted that he'd lost it a few times, something he blamed on the tiredness.

Leo then claimed that he'd made it a point to listen to people more this year, however, Dirk pointed-out that he always talks over people and interrupts them. Anyway, Leo joked that he might have to listen more from now on.

Davina then suggested that out of the 145 housemates that have appeared on the show so far, Leo was probably the most angry. In response, the singer began some irrelevant gag about comedy timing, his point being that Big Brother didn't answer quickly enough and it frustrated him.

To prove a point about his bad attitude, the singer was shown a VT of him telling BB to eff-off, threatening to break the door down, 'flipping the bird' to the cameras, demanding his contract and telling the cameras to eff-off.

Leo claimed that he's not really like that, but Davina pointed-out, "But you WERE like that!" All Leo could say was that he didn't imagine he would react in that way before he entered the House.

When asked if he thought he should get special treatment because he's a celebrity, Leo replied in the negative before saying that things like sharing a shower were hard for him. "When you're very young, it's great, but I'm too old for it. I haven't shared a house for a long time and I was probably ill-prepared mentally."

Apparently, Leo doesn't watch much TV in Australia and didn't research the show. "I knew there would be a fair amount of hardship, but I don't think I was prepared for the bathrooms and toilets," said Leo.

The host then asked Leo what it was like seeing that side of himself and again, he claimed that he's not really like that. "I'm not a lush. I'm one of the boys really." Leo then mentioned that he'd been ripped-off in his life and accepted that perhaps he went into the House carrying anger that he didn't know he had.

Leo apologised to the BB staff for his bad behaviour, but said nothing to his fans and all the BB viewers.

To round things off, Leo stated that he bonded with Dirk the most and enjoyed talking about movies with the actor. He also thought Jo was fantastic, even though he nominated her for not being a proper celeb, and refuted that he fancied Danielle.

There was just enough time to show his 'best bits' VT, during-which Leo smiled most of the way through, but cringed at some of the swearing and aggressive behaviour.

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