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Leo's Escape In More Detail

We've already reported that Leo escaped from the Big Brother House this afternoon, but now we look at the circumstances surrounding the incident in more detail.

Finding-out that he'd run out of clean underpants (actually, it transpired that he still had one pair left), he went into the Diary Room to 'humbly' request that he be provide with some fresh pairs of pants.

Big Brother pointed-out that it had provided the group with washing powder, but Leo replied pompously, "Big Brother, I don't wash my own clothes... it's not safe and sanitary. I mean, every house in the f***ing world has a washer and a drier".

The all-seeing entity then asked what the other housemates were doing about cleaning their undies, but Leo went into a rant, snapping, "I quit, Big Brother. I'm not washing my clothes in front of other people, that's demeaning. I don't wear dirty underwear. You are spreading diseases".

Arguably sending the singer up, Big Bruv then said that it would be a shame for Leo to leave over underpants. However, Leo wasn't amused and threatened to go via the fire safety doors, acknowledging that although it might make him look stupid, it would make Big Brother look even more stupid.

Erm, no it won't. You agreed to come on the show and you quit over pants Leo; it's the most pathetic reason ever to throw in the towel.

Leo then marched out of the Diary Room and into the main House, declaring to his peers that he was leaving because they wouldn't provide him with underwear. "Stop it," said Cleo. "Don't be daft," added Carole.

And when Dirk offered to lend Leo some of his own duds, he just shunned the offer and started banging on the fire exit door in the garden. Unable to open it, he went back inside, grabbed a broom and smashed the handle off with a couple of blows.

Disappearing through the door, the music-making midget then got involved in a tussle with two towering security guards, which had all the hallmarks of Harry Enfield's 'angry short bloke' character.

"F**k this, I'm out of here. This is bull***t. F**k off. F**ck off. Get out of my way, you've got nothing to do with me. F**k off... F**K OFF," ranted Leo as the guards tried to calm him down and prevent him getting out into the compound.

A producer soon approached the angry contestant and Leo demanded that a nearby crew member turn off her hand-held camera, repeating himself a couple of times.

"This is f**ked. This place is insanitary (sic), it's unclean, its unhygienic, it doesn't pass any standards of living. You're just playing a stupid game," ranted Leo, swiping for the camera. And when a guard stepped-in to protect the equipment, Leo shouted, "F**K OFF. Don't touch me, you b**tard".

Saying that he wanted to go and that Channel 4 could keep his fee, Leo refused to answer the (admittedly patronising) female producer's questions, opting to just stand there with his arms-crossed like a petulant schoolboy.

"I want to leave this f**king stupid country and get the hell out of here," said the angry singer, adding, "I think this is all a sick joke, and I didn't think it would be like this when I came in. I thought you would treat me properly".

The producer then asked if all the housemates felt the same way, but Leo wasn't playing any more and went berserk, ranting, "Oh f**k off with these stupid questions. ASK ME AS A HUMAN BEING, ABOUT ME". The security guard stepped forward, as Leo dubbed the show 'sick'.

You have to wonder why Leo didn't bring enough pairs of pants to last him through, but nothing can excuse his outrageous and aggressive behaviour, even if he didn't realise that the House lacked a washing machine.

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