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Leo Quits In Dirty Pants Tantrum!

Leo Sayer left the House this afternoon, and in doing-so tried to emulate anarchic former housemate and fellow quitter Donny Tourette, by breaking-open a door to enable his escape. How very rock n' roll!

The favourite to get the boot at tonight's 2nd Eviction, Leo has had a tumultuous time since pal Donny left last Friday, becoming more and more unstable as time went on.

First he went mute, then he started swearing all the time, then he began making sexual comments in front of the girls, and finally blew-up at Big Brother and demanded to see his contract.

His bizarre behaviour has certainly alienated a fair few fans, and clearly he's become unpopular with his peers as they put him up for eviction at yesterday's nominations.

The 58-year-old was chatting to some of the group shortly before he left the grounds at around 1.15pm, although they didn't think he was serious about going. And what made Leo finally decide to leave? The fact that Big Bruv refused to provide him with clean undies; he was told to wash his own pants and that was clearly beneath him.

The group was told the news, read from a laminate by Danielle, at 2.15pm this afternoon.

Reflecting on the build-up to Leo's departure, Jo said, "I thought, 'He's got his going-out outfit on'", referring to his jacket. And defending the music-making midget, Cleo stated that the whole experience had been 'undignified' for Leo.

However, when someone suggested that he was too sensitive to handle being in the House, Jo snapped, "Then he shouldn't (have) come in here". Quite.

Carole thought the oft-sullen singer was scared of the public vote, perhaps fearing that getting voted-off the show would damage his reputation (what... more than his behaviour? - Ed), although he must have known that's how the show works.

"He was the safest person in this house," declared Carole confidently, demonstrating that the housemates have absolutely no comprehension of public opinion.

Anyway, voting continues – obviously without Leo – and the eviction will go ahead as planned tonight, when either Carole or Dirk will experience the thick end of Big Bro's metaphorical boot.

We mentioned in a recent article that Jermaine was a good bet for 'Next Housemate To Quit', but it seems that we overlooked Leo, someone the bookies were apparently worried about losing a lot of money on if he quit.

Blimey, it's looks like the Big Brother format is turning into a true endurance test!

Here at BBO, we hope that Leo (and the other two quitters) get zip as far as an appearance fee goes. For, having been paid anywhere from around £10,000 to £40,000 a week just to be involved, these celebrities really should stick-it-out, come hell or high water.

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