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Leo: "I Did It For The Exposure"

Leo was holding court with the girls today and doing what he does best... talking about himself!

Chatting to Carole, Cleo, Jade and Jo about his appearance on Big Brother, the 58-year-old said that he came on the show because it was offered to him. It seems that he genuinely didn't know much about how it all works.

More fool him, some might say?

He then got on to the subject if his own career, saying, "I, as an artist, in my career... I don't keep a publicist. I don't actively seek work. I've never actively sought work. I don't have a gameplan. I react to bookings that come in".

Sympathising with Leo, Carole stated that it's flattering to be asked to go on something like Celebrity Big Brother.

In response, Leo admitted, "I thought, (it's) January... if I wanna' have an album later in the year, it wouldn't be a bad pre-empt to it, to kind-of show my face a bit. I call it exposure really".

However, the 70's star claimed earlier in the series that he got involved in the show because he wanted to reward his fans in the UK with an appearance.

Leo Sayer comes from a time when there was no such thing as bad publicity. However, in this day and age, his aggressive and uncouth behaviour is almost certain to affect his potential album sales, even if, to quote the man himself, 'no-one can do the high stuff like Leo!'

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