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Jade's Jibber Jabber

Approaching midday today, some of the housemates were sat around the sofas discussing accents and Shilpa amused them by emulating her peers.

Pondering the various different accents within the group, the 31-year-old said, "Jade has a very different accent... what accent is that? Where is she from?" Jack informed Shilpa that she was a Bermondsey girl, prompting the actress to impersonate his gobby girlfriend's voice.

"A-la nana-namow!" said Shilpa, laughing at the noise she'd just created and suggesting that every word Jade says sounds stretched. And she gets plenty of opportunity to hear the 25-year-old speak, given the amount Jade runs her foghorn-like gob!

After some discussion about whether Cleo and Carole could do different accents or not, in came Jade to ask if the group were up for a game of rounders.

"Arr we gunna playy rannnders?" repeated Shilpa in her best cockney drawl, making Jade and Jermaine laugh in the process.

The Bollywood babe then asked the others to speak in turn, listening intently to Cleo's clear pronunciation, Carole's posh Geordie tones, Jermaine's soft American accent and Jack's London twang. She then amused the group with a really squeaky take-off of Danielle's Scouse accent.

The thing is, there'll be plenty of fans thinking that Shilpa should try and shut Jade up, not encourage her to talk even more!

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