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Who Goes Tonight? YOU Decide!

Tonight, having spent ten days in the game, either Carole, Dirk or Leo will leave the House as the 2nd Official Evictee and the 4th person to go since the series began.

Since their names were announced last night, we now have more of an idea of how popular the three nominees are. So, let's take a look at who might go tonight.

First we consider Dirk, who despite his alliance and friendship with Leo, is a popular figure with the fans. He is a funny and humble man, and claimed early-on that Big Bro or the national press won't be able to knock him down, because he's not a star.

That humility should carry the 61-year-old far in the game, and there is absolutely no chance that he'll be leaving tonight.

Next we have Carole, who by default is something of a hate figure just because she's a journalist – it shouldn't be that way, but she might aswell be a tax inspector! The fact that she's bossy, patronising and always probing people won't have helped her case though, and she is definitely in the running to go tonight.

However, there is one thing that might save Carole: the fact that ego-maniac Leo Sayer is up against her.

The pint-sized popster, who's heyday was decades ago, seems to have a rather inflated perception of his status in the music world. He also likes to talk about himself and, as Dirk and others have suggested, he talks over people and/ or forces them to listen to what he has to say.

Also, his period of not speaking during the Manor task, in-which he snubbed all of his peers to begin-with, was ridiculous to say the least. Although amusing and entertaining at first, Leo has since come across as bitter and uncouth. Frankly, he's been annoying at best, and downright horrible at worst.

Therefore, the curly-haired 70's star will probably be on his way home tonight. That said, we expect it to be reasonably close between him and Carole, so it could go either way at this stage.

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Anyway, you have until around 9pm tonight, Friday the 12th of January 2007 to register your vote for the person you'd like to get rid-of next. You can find the voting telephone and text numbers in another article from Week 1 of our Celebrity Big Brother 5 Latest News section

Don't forget, you can come and discuss all the Big Brother goings-on in our Discussion Forum, or just come and read what everyone has to say.

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