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CBB5 Viewing Figures Are Fine

Earlier in the week, there were reports that Celebrity Big Brother 5 was in crisis and that the viewing figures had plummeted to a dangerously low level. However, to be frank it was complete tosh!

The launch show ten days ago was watched by an average 7.1 million viewers, up from CBB4's 6.5 million in January 2006. By last weekend though, five days into the new series, the figures had fallen to around 3 million.

Poor old Jade got the blame, but what the newspapers failed to mention was the fact that on the weekend in question, the Finale of BBC1's 'Just The Two Of Us' took place and the first few days of ITV1's 'Soapstar Superstar' were transmitted.

Not only that, but viewing figures for Big Brother are always down on a weekend, as many fans are doing other things. So, it wasn't the big doom and gloom revelation that it was made out to be.

A spokesperson for Channel 4 said, "Saturday is traditionally a low day for Big Brother ratings. After five days the average for the series was 4.7 million. Last year's series average was 4.8 million at that point, so there's barely any difference. There is still huge interest in the show".

Indeed, the highlights shows for the first few days of this week attracted 4 million+ viewers, and that's when competing directly with ITV's offering.

So, Celebrity Big Brother 5 is receiving a healthy amount of interest and the series will doubtless build to a 7 million Finale show, just as it did last year.

Stay tuned, BB fans!

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