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Carole Irate Over Punishment

Carole and Cleo were called to the Diary Room at the end of the first round of nominations, and told that they were being punished for talking about the nomination procedure on Day 2, their first full day in the House.

Explaining the punishment, Big Brother declared, "As you are aware, it is against the Big Brother rules for housemates to discuss their nominations with each other".

Carole then piped-up, "Um, we weren't the only two people discussing nominations". Meanwhile Shilpa, who was also involved in the conversation in question, was in tears in the lounge as she sat with the rest of the group.

When Big Bro revealed that Carole had been chosen to go 'up' by her peers, the angry journalist looked totally peed-off and bluntly replied, "If three of us were involved in the conversation, why are only two of us up for eviction?"

As the pair emerged from the Diary Room, Cleo seemed okay about it and Carole, who was clearly seething, said, "It's fine," before predicting that she'd be the one to get the boot this week; she was now facing Dirk and Leo at the 2nd Eviction.

A little later, Carole, Cleo, Danielle, Jade and Shilpa were discussing the situation in the bedroom, and Carole told Shilpa that she was angry because the actress was also involved in the conversation.

However, Shilpa – who obviously has a very good memory – calmly explained that during the conversation she didn't ask anyone to nominate her. Correct, hence the reason she wasn't penalised by Big Bruv.

"Well, that's an interpretation," snapped Carole, before saying, "Okay, fine," and threatening to leave the House right there and then.

However, that was not before she basically accused Big Brother of favouritism and suggested that the producers had contrived to help keep Shilpa in.

No Carole, you broke the rules and she didn't. Get over it!

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