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First Nominations In Detail

By the time of the first round of nominations, Donny and Ken had both quit and Jackiey had been booted-out at the 1st Eviction. Big Bro originally intended to sit the group down for nominations just after Jackiey left, but postponed the procedure due to the group's reaction.

So, come Day 9, the ten housemates were gathered together in the lounge and would soon find-out that Carole and Cleo were to punished for talking about nominations on Day 2. To re-iterate: Carol and Cleo were not called to vote, and their peers could not choose them as nominees.

Here's who they chose to nominate, and why:

Danielle - Leo & Dirk
Deliberating over her first nomination, Danielle tapped her fingers on the chair and then nominated Leo. "I don't think he's acting himself and he makes me feel uncomfortable sometimes," said the model, going-on to say that Leo had ogled her bum and made inappropriate comments about her going topless in the servants quarters. Again, she didn't know who to choose for her second nominee, then plumped for Dirk. "I don't think I could have a conversation with him and I don't think he understands half of what I say to him," said Danni, adding that Dirk doesn't seem to understand her, Jade or Jo, so she doesn't feel like talking to him.

Dirk - Ian & Jermaine
Not clear if he was being serious or just showing his dry sense of humour, Dirk nominated Ian because he was having too much fun! "He's too content. This is supposed to be hellish, difficult and uncomfortable, and he's happy as a clown". He then likened it to being on a sinking ship, where if someone's having a great time you'd throw them overboard! Jermaine was Dirk's second nominee, because he seems to be the least comfortable member of the group. "It's very hard for him... (he's) a very sensitive guy. He's in pain and I wanna' help end the pain".

Ian - Leo & Dirk
Ian's first nominee was Leo, because he's too loud and doesn't know when to stop talking. "In five minutes, he gives me a headache. (We) need to find the off switch". His second nomination went to Dirk, basically because the 61-year-old's cigar-smoking bugs him.

Jack - Shilpa & Dirk
His first nomination was for Shilpa because she tells everyone that she loves them, even though she's only known them for five minutes. Jack claimed that the Bollywood actress resents him and Jade because they came into the House after everyone else. Dirk was his second nominee, because, "He hasn't spoken to me much. He only speaks to the older people about older things".

Jade - Shilpa & Dirk
Jade named Shilpa as her first nominee because she hasn't bonded with her as much as she has with other housemates. "I just don't really know what to say to her... I feel I need to make more of an effort to have a conversation with Shilpa than the other ones," said Jade. Deliberating over her second nominee, Jade admitted that she felt bad nominating him, then named Dirk because he hasn't got a woman and doesn't go out much in real life. However, she realised that they were lame reasons and then dallied with the idea of nominating Leo, but thought the House would be dead without him. So, she went back to Dirk, saying, "I don't think we've got much in common. When I talk to him, he can't understand me".

Jermaine - Jo & Danielle
Confident and seemingly at ease with the procedure, Jermaine's first nomination was Jo, basically because she always eats but doesn't help out in the kitchen, or do any cleaning. For his second nominee, Jermaine wanted to choose Carole, but that was not allowed so he chose Danielle, dubbing her 'someone who does the same things Jo does, in not caring about cleaning-up behind themselves'. Jermaine re-iterated that he was brought-up to put things away after having used them.

Jo - Jack & Leo
Jack was her first nominee because Jo felt that she doesn't really know him and he seems uncomfortable in the House. Her second nominee was Leo because, "He aggravates the hell out of me. He doesn't listen to anything anyone says". Jo added that Leo grates on her the most out-of everyone in there.

Leo - Jack & Jo
Saying what we've all been thinking, Leo opted for Jack first because, "This is Celebrity Big Brother, and Jack isn't really a celebrity. He's the boyfriend of a celebrity". He added that Jack isn't properly equipped to deal with events in the House. When asked by Big Bro how he would define celebrity, Leo answered, "Celebrated - someone who is talked about. Not just someone who's talked about in the tabloid press, therefore Jack and Jackiey don't count". Struggling to think of a second nominee, Leo eventually named Jo, saying, "In her time, she really was worthy of celebrity... but now her life is anything but". Leo, who is arguably stretching his own career to the limit, added that Jo seems to have no career now, travels on the bus, buys cheap clothes and has no car.

Shilpa - Jack & Leo
Shilpa hit the nail on the head with her first nominee Jack, saying, "We're in Big Brother's House and were supposed to be one family, so every family member has a duty. He doesn't cook, he doesn't clean, (there's) no conversations, he doesn't contribute to anything. He's really not of any use to this house". About second nominee Leo, Shilpa suggested that he's starting to lose the plot and has verbal diarrhoea. "He's constantly talking and talking and talking and talking, talking, talking, talkingtalkingtalking!"

So, the tally after the first round of nominations was: Dirk and Leo: 4, Jack: 3, Jo and Shilpa: 2, Danielle, Ian and Jermaine: 1 each. Jade was the only housemate not nominated. Jack was just one vote short of being 'up', and had Jade stuck with nominating Leo instead of Dirk, it would have been Dirk, Leo and Jack facing eviction.

After the nominations had finished, Carole and Cleo were called to the Diary Room to be punished. The plasma screen sprang into life in the lounge and the group were asked to unanimously choose one of the pair to definitely face eviction along with Dirk and Leo.

Jade and Danielle refused, but after Shilpa began discussing good and bad qualities, Dirk sensibly suggested that everyone should just vote by a show of hands. Some of the girls were in tears, but Leo pointed-out that the public would ultimately decide who goes.

In the end, they chose Carole to face the public vote along with Dirk and Leo.

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