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First Round Nominees Announced

The whole group was gathered together at around 1pm this afternoon to perform their nomination duties for the first time this series.

As-per our recent article, this was originally due to take place last night after Jackiey got kicked-out. However, the procedure was postponed as Jade didn't take it well and everyone hit the sack early.

With the group all sat around the sofas waiting to be called in, Leo joked that he didn't like anyone now and later said, "I'm voting for Ken and Donny!"

Big Bro reminded the group that their nominations must be their own choice, and that they must give 'full and frank' reasons for their nominations. However, rather than calling Carole in first, Danielle's name was the first to be called-out.

"It must be (going by) surname," offered Carole as the bemused model (surname Lloyd) headed towards the Diary Room. There followed a short discussion whereby the group sussed-out that Jade (Goody) and Dirk (Benedict) would have gone first if that was the case.

The reason, as we fans know, is because Carole and Cleo are banned from nominating this week for discussing nominations a week-or-so ago, shortly after entering the House.

When Danielle emerged from the Diary Room, she burst into tears and was quickly consoled by Carole. But, ever philosophical, Dirk suggested that everyone has to leave at some point and they can't stay forever. Jo also got really upset over the procedure.

After Danielle, Dirk, Ian, Jack, Jade, Jermaine, Jo, Leo and Shilpa had made their nominations (not able to choose either Carole or Cleo), they were then asked to make a group decision and choose one of that pair to definitely go up for eviction.

The end result is that after the first round of nominations, the housemates facing eviction next are: Carole, Dirk and Leo.

It's hard to know who'll go this time, as we genuinely don't know how popular each nominee is. So, we'll set up a new Home page Poll shortly to try and find out – please pop back and vote in it.

Remember, voting reverts to the usual 'Vote To Evict' method for the 2nd Eviction, which will take place tomorrow night, Friday the 12th of January 2007. The voting lines will open later this evening and the voting text and telephone numbers will be detailed in another article from our Celebrity Big Brother 5 Latest News section soon.

Who stays, who goes? YOU decide!

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