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The Leo Effect

Some men have a real effect on women and can make the fairer sex go weak at the knees just by being in their presence. Leo, on the other hand, just makes 'em want to scarper!

For although the one-time mute is now speaking to everyone, he seems to have an uncouth and bitter side to him these days that he didn't have when he first came into the House.

Hearing him cuss away this afternoon, Shilpa, Carole, Danni and Jo just rolled their eyes at his teen-like behaviour, and Jo declared, "I really like Leo... but when he walks towards me I find myself walking the other way".

Carole laughed out loud at the comment and stated that some of the girls were saying the same thing last night. "He's a very likeable man, but you don't want to talk to him. It takes too much out of you."

Shilpa and Jo nodded in agreement, but Danielle, who seems to have gotten quite a bit of unwanted attention from the music-making midget, shuddered and said, "When he was asking me earlier 'Ooh, can you keep your shorts on?' I was like 'No, f**k off! Urgh'".

Adding fuel to the fire, Jo noted that Leo shouts people down and forces them listen to him, and Shilpa reckoned that the 58-year-old came back from the servants quarters a different person.

What was it Leo was saying to Dirk recently, 'Everyone loves Leo?'

The way things are going, if he doesn't stop all the self-important banter, he's going to have to revise that phrase and substitute the middle word for 'hates!'

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