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Shilpa: "Dirk's Too Old For Me"

After a conversation between Cleo and Shilpa today, it seems that the Shilpa-Dirk love story has ended before it begun. Everybody say: "Ahhh!"

The movie man has expressed his interest in the Bollywood babe on several occasions, and Shilpa has undoubtedly enjoyed all the attention. However, the 31-year-old indicated today that the 30 year age gap is just too much.

Talking about guys in the bathroom this morning, Cleo was stuck for words to describe the charismatic Faceman, beginning, "He's so..."

"...Sexy?" suggested Shilpa, knowing full-well that some of the other girls think he's a dish.

"He's so relaxing, so funny...," continued Cleo, before realising what Shilpa had said. "You think he's SEXY?!"

The famous Indian actress then confessed that she thinks Dirk is sexy, but added that he's also old. She had previously said that if he was younger, something might be possible (although she wants to marry an Indian man), and Dirk has said that if he was 15 years younger he would go for it too.

But Cleo didn't accept her comment, saying, "Maybe he's got a few more years than you, but that doesn't make him old. I know people who are younger than him who are really old". She meant that Dirk is young in outlook.

Shilpa nodded and accepted the point, then Cleo put forward the notion that the A-Team star made Shilpa laugh and acts like a gentleman. "What's missing?" asked the red head.

"Age," replied Shilpa, before acknowledging that Dirk was 'sweet'.

Oh well, it seems that the Hollywood hero has one grey hair too many for Shilpa... so let's say nothing about his little bald patch!

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