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Who Stays Tonight? YOU Decide!

Tonight, one of the former Task Masters will leave the House; the first person to actually be evicted, but the third one to leave due to Donny and Ken wussing-out and quitting.

But we have to be careful when talking about who should go tonight, because the voting is reversed this week and so fans are voting to save one of the remaining five possible evictees.

So, let's start by looking at who the fans are likely to want to keep/ save the most, and that has to be either Shilpa or Jade; the former mainly because she's a nice, beautiful, fun girl, but also because fans would rather see her stay in the House over most of Jade's lot.

About Jade, well, according to our Polls the fans seem to be calling for her to go because Donny and Ken both quit. However, she definitely has a core of dedicated fans who want her to stay, which is only to be expected seeing as she's an ex-BB contestant and has been around for a number of years now.

Next we consider Jermaine, the whisper-quiet singer who has frankly added little to the House so far, least of all stories about his brother Michael or even a few songs to jolly things up. Therefore, he has to be near the bottom of the pile.

Talking of which, Jackiey's name springs to mind!

The one-armed lesbian Mum is child-like in many ways and seems to have a total disregard for people's feelings or any grasp of the concept of tact. Her loud mouth ensures that few fans are likely to save her, but she may survive tonight because of one reason: the existence of confirmed dullard Jack.

We don't know if Jade's beau is eye-candy for female viewers, but even if he is, they surely wouldn't fancy him. Why? Because he is exceptionally boring and hardly says a word. So much so, in fact, that we're wondering if he's an automaton!

In his defence, it must be hard to get a word in edgeways when you live with Jade, but even so, we think he'll be on his way home tonight.

And the bookies agree, as a £50 bet on the youngster would net you just £11 profit at the current odds of 2/9. A better bet, perhaps, would be Jackiey at 3/1, where a £20 bet would give you £60 profit (plus your stake back) should she leave tonight.

Of course, if you think we're totally wrong and feel that Shilpa will get the old heave-ho tonight, then a £10 bet on the Bollywood actress would return you almost £300 at the current odds of 28/1!

If you'd like to have a flutter and get yourself a FREE £25 Bet in the process, please click here and sign-up. It's quick-and-easy to place a bet, even if you've never done-so before. Just head for the 'Specials/ 'TV Specials' section.

Anyway, you have until around 9.30pm tonight, Wednesday the 10th of January 2007, to register your vote for the person you'd most like to save at the 1st Eviction.

You can find all the voting telephone and text numbers in another article from Week 1 of our Celebrity Big Brother 5 Latest News section, called 'Voting Telephone Numbers'.

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