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Life's A 'Drag' For Fun-loving Jack

They say you have to watch out for the quiet ones, and we're beginning to wonder if cardboard-like Jack is really a figure of fun just waiting to burst out?

The youngster hasn't said much so far, least-of-all decked himself out in drag, but that's exactly what happened tonight. We know, unbelievable!

Earlier in the evening, Jack made himself a tower of cushions in the lounge, prompting Jackiey to declare that everyone would see a different side to her possible future son-in-law if the group gets a physical task.

Sadly, the group was set a 'numbers' task tonight, which they duly failed, so most of the group sloped-off to bed early. And as midnight approached, they messed around in the bedroom, each taking turns to try-out a red 'bob' wig.

First-up was Shilpa, who was repeatedly told by Jackiey that she looked like a 15-year-old girl. Next to don the syrup was Ian, who didn't look remotely feminine and resembled Ugly Betty when he added a pair of glasses.

The Faceman was next to try it out, staggering around the bedroom with the wonky wig covering his eyes. "It's Brian Jones in the Rolling Stones!" joked Leo, although the actor was also likened to poet Pam Ayres.

After lots of laughs and banter between the group, Jack eventually reappeared in the bedroom and was introduced by the girls as 'Miss Cilla Black'. Combining Danni's black coat, a red wig, some oversized sunglasses and rather too much stubble, he looked nothing like 'our Cilla!

As he sashayed across the floor, the 19-year-old declared, "This might be my new outfit when I get out," although we have a strong feeling that he quickly changed his mind about dressing-up in women's clothing.

Why? Because the girls dubbed him 'Jackiey's B*tch!' Argghhhh!

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