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Leo Ruins The Moment

Shilpa and Jermaine have a kind-of bond between them, the singer having been there for the actress through thick and thin; from Ken's snoring on Day 1 to Jade's noisy arrival on Day 3, right up to being subjected to Jackiey's vicious tongue earlier today.

So, turning to Jermaine for consolation after the shopping list fiasco, the stressed 31-year-old said, "I don't know what I'm doing here. Some things are just not my scene".

(The answer, in case she had forgotten, was doubtless for money and to increase her profile in UK, not for the love of being cooped-up with a load of nutty Brits!)

Looking pensive, the big guy took a deep breath in and replied, "Everybody's got it... everybody's got the blues".

He then leant forward towards the Bollywood beauty, cleared his throat, and prepared to say something potentially profound, getting as far as, "You know what...", before in-burst a certain curly-topped 70's star!

And, clearly peeved that the moment had been shattered, the usually meek Yank uttered, "Dod Gammit".

So, Leo very nearly caused the quiet man to swear, but what we really want to know is, what the heck was Jermaine just about to say to Shilpa?

Damn you Leo, you 'bucking annoying fastard!'

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