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Jade On Family, Friends And Fortune

During a conversation about relationships, friendships and money this afternoon, Jade discussed the situation between her and Jackiey in terms of who's the real parent figure.

Chatting to Dirk in the garden, the 25-year-old said that she finds it hard to let her guard down in the House, as she's used to looking after Mum Jackiey. Furthermore, Jade deemed herself the 'adult' out-of the two of them.

Gaining sympathy from Dirk, Jade went-on to say that when she came into the Big Brother House the first time around, she could be a child, be herself. "But I could never be a child around my Mum," added the reality TV star, who's been frustrated and embarrassed by Jackiey's behaviour so far.

The conversation then turned to friendships, with Dirk admitting that he only has a few friends even though he used to think he had loads. "They weren't friends really," added the actor, before suggesting that the best way to lose friends is to give them or lend them money.

And on the subject of cash, millionairess Jade told Dirk that she often gets letters from people asking for some of hers. "It pulls on your heart strings," said the former Bermondsey girl, remembering that she didn't have a lot when she was growing up.

According to Jade, boyfriend Jack's solution is to send people her book or some perfume (which is kind-of like winning the booby prize!), but Dirk said the best way to help people is to start a business and employ them.

The thing is, Jade tried that with her salon Ugly's and it all went pear-shaped in the end, unable to sustain itself for longer than a year. Oh well, perhaps she'll have to stick to giving-away naff products promoting herself instead.

If the BBO staff ever came into a lots of money, you might wonder what we'd do about all the begging letters...

...we'd carry on sending 'em, of course. Arf!

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