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Bollywood Backlash

Newly re-united housemates Ian and Shilpa got closer last night, literally, by snuggling-up together in the garden for a chat. However, the Indian actress is rather less popular with most of the girls today.

Jackiey has had a thing about Shilpa since the former arrived on Day 3, failing to pronounce her name properly and telling the Bollywood babe that it was her problem if she got it wrong.

That was, of course, a highly ignorant way to behave, but the one-armed Londoner's disdain seems to be rubbing-off on Jade, Jo and Danielle now.

For the three girls slammed Shilpa's controlling nature after things went less-than-smoothly when compiling the weekly shopping list today.

"I asked for smoked mackerel and whatshername, Shullup, just looked at me like I was f***ing stupid," moaned Danielle, with Jade and Jo adding that they thought Shilpa was 'fake'.

"She's so controlling and bossy. I don't like that," continued Danielle, before suggesting that Shilpa might be two-faced.

But not all the girls had signed-up to the anti-Shilpa movement, as Carole later suggested to Danielle that some people were picking on the actress for no good reason.

However, the journo, having not been privy to the above conversation, had picked the wrong person to defend Shilpa to, as Danni sheepishly suggested that perhaps some people find the star too controlling.

Shilpa, a huge star in India, has brains, beauty, status, money, independence and a successful career... not that the other girls are jealous or anything. Ahem!

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