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Leo: Skint, Or Just Plain Greedy?

An increasingly dark Leo was discussing money with his peers this afternoon, and it wasn't clear if he was genuinely short of cash, or just plain greedy.

Continuing his rant about Big Brother and suggesting that the show hasn't lived-up to the contract he signed, Leo moaned that he'd been ripped-off all his life.

"I lost everything I made," claimed the 58-year-old, but when Dirk wondered if Leo was okay now financially, he stated, "I'm not wealthy".

Other members of the group then got involved, pulling Leo up on the fact that he's not exactly on the breadline.

When quizzed about his home in Australia, Leo revealed that it was roughly equivalent to a Beverley Hills mansion, being worth around $6 Million AUD/ £2.5 Million.

"You must be very wealthy to live there," said Jo in response, prompting a reply of, "I make enough to pay for it, but I could do with more". Presumably, his house in on a mortgage.

Danielle then put her five eggs in and challenged his suggestion that he doesn't have enough cash, but Leo was dismissive and hinted that he should be really rich after all his hits and the hard work he's put into his career.

But Carole and Danni double-teamed the 70's singer, pointing-out that he doesn't have to live in such a lavish house. It was Dirk, however, that had the last word, matter-of-factly stating that Jade apparently has no less than three homes to her name.

Ah, the look on Leo's face... that was the last thing he wanted to hear!

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