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Is Leo's Moaning Getting Too Much?

In an unlikely turn-up for the books, it seems that curly-topped singer-turned-mime artist Leo Sayer has taken over the mantle of anarchic housemate from Donny.

So much so, in fact, that we're now wondering what the hell has happened to the jokey, silly, bubbly bloke who walked through the doors just 6 days ago?

He rebelled against the show by suddenly going mute a couple of days ago, but has since had in it for Jade's lot, even though the former BB3 star clearly has a few friends amongst the group.

Then there's his regular comments directed towards the cameras, with him even 'flipping the bird' to the producers in defiance recently.

Today, the 58-year-old had a huge moan about how the servants' quarters were unsanitary and inhumane, claiming that there's inadequate washing facilities and that the food is unsanitary too.

He went-on to whinge about how the group was suffering from light terrorism and sound terrorism, which received a wince from his peers in a 'you're going a bit too far now' way.

But the pint-sized popster hadn't finished yet, and moved-on to the subject of people smoking, however he was quickly shouted-down by Carole, who said, "There's so many horrible things going-on that smoking is just one of them".

Leo went on-and-on all day, still moaning about the inadequate sleeping arrangements in the afternoon. But the real diva came-out of him when he declared, "I've never done a television show where I haven't had a proper dressing room".

Oh dear, we fear that a certain housemate, who's heyday was a good 30 years ago, is in distinct danger of disappearing up his own 'arris, as Jade's Granddad might say!

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