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Jo Buckles Under The Pressure

Former S Club singer Jo burst into tears at around midday today under the pressure of the current Big Brother Manor task.

The 27-year-old was taken outside for a fag and consoled by Cleo, as she whimpered, "I feel like everyone behind the scenes is like... 'gotcha,'" before suggesting that the producers and some detractors outside would have been expecting her to crack.

Jo, who's been playing the part of a kitchen hand for the latest task, shivered away in her maid's outfit, adding, "I'm so tired".

After admitting that she's a cry baby anyway, the tears soon stopped and Jo told Cleo, "I thought the tasks were like a day (long); I didn't think it was going to be this".

The Essex girl then declared that she'd 'had her little moment' and came back inside to receive a cuddle from 'H'.

So, what with Leo also feeling that Big Bro is against him, it would appear that the housemates are going 'stir crazy' after a relatively short period in the House.

BBO says: come on celebrities, pull yourselves together. 'Proper' Big Brother contestants endure up to 13-weeks of incarceration and unlike you lot, the majority don't get paid a penny for it.

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