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Dermot O'Leary Interviews Donny

Following his shock exit two days ago, Donny Tourette has been talking with Dermot O'Leary today.

First, Dermot reminded rocker Donny that he was only in the BB House for around 50 hours before jumping over the wall to freedom. He then suggested that fans were beginning to like Donny after his controversial entrance.

About that entrance, where the sozzled singer staggered down the walkway to a chorus of boos, Donny said, "Obviously, the night of the arrival I can't remember a thing, and then the next day it was pure paranoia".

"(I) didn't have a clue what I'd done and said... I thought that I'd probably offended people, but amazingly I hadn't."

Donny then claimed that he was starting to get into the swing of things by the third day, when he felt comfortable and relaxed.

The subject then turned to the Big Brother Manor twist which had just been announced when Donny upped sticks.

Telling Dermot that he didn't like the idea of living in squalor but was up for it anyway, the 25-year-old joked that the servants quarters was nicer than his own flat!

The Towers of London frontman added, "Then they brought on Porky Pig (Jade)", an event he was expecting and thought he'd be able to handle. However, the final straw came when Donny learnt he'd have to 'dress up as a maid and serve the moron' (again, Jade!)

Dermy noted that Donny didn't discuss his plans to do a runner, and in response the rocker claimed that everyone would have tried to talk him out of it. He did, however tell Big Bro that he wanted to go, but predictably it stalled him.

Furthermore, had Donny told the all-seeing entity that he was thinking about going over the wall, the doors to the garden would have been locked, forcing him to stay the night. Therefore, he deliberately didn't let on.

When asked if he regretted leaving, Donny replied, "No, I don't ever regret anything... everything's for a reason". Dermot then asked if he regretted going into the House in the first place and, true to his last comment, Donny answered in the negative.

Talking about his positive experiences, Donny said that he liked Cleo, Ken and Jermaine, adding about the latter, "Jermaine was my man. I liked him a lot". He also thought Leo was cool, but didn't really have an opinion on the other nine housemates.

To round things off, when Dermot asked Donny if he thought his early departure was a wasted opportunity, mainly because he might have turned things around (and won), the singer just answered, "Possibly".

Rebel Donny, who comes from a middle class background and was allegedly a polite, theatre-loving boy in his youth, didn't say who he wanted to win Celebrity Big Brother 5.

However, he had obviously brainwashed pals Peaches Geldof and Tara Shaw, as the pair also appeared on BBLB and said that they wanted Leo to win, joking that they say and do what Donny wants.

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