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Ken To Speak-out On BBBM?

Ken decided to leave the House for good earlier today and his peers were told the news this afternoon.

The veteran film director wanted them to know that he's in good spirits and feels that he made some wonderful friends during his time in the House.

'Uncle Ken', as he was affectionately known, is bound to be missed by a fair few of those he left behind, although he definitely lost the respect of some after his most recent argument with Jade.

His snoring, however, will not be missed, a fact that Jermaine has already pointed-out.

Informing Big Brother that he wanted to go, Ken said that he'd hoped things would calm down with the Goodys, but had concluded that it just wasn't working out. "I'm in a different world. I tried all this morning (to get on) and I just make one mistake and the whole family rises-up against me."

Reflecting on his time in the House, Ken later commented, "There was a great deal to enjoy in the house and I'm sincere about that. I knew there'd be a few surprises, but not of the kind I experienced".

"I am a big old fuddy-duddy and some of the surprises were a little too much to take for someone of my sensibility."

Ken will appear on Russell Brand's oft-anarchic discussion show 'Big Brother's Big Mouth' on Monday night (the 8th of January 2006); don't forget to tune-in to hear what the 79-year-old movie man has to say on the matter of his quitting.

So, it looks like this is our last article about the old so-and-so... and we didn't even get to liken him to the overweight, slow moving and treble-chinned fictional overlord, Jabba The Hutt!

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