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Now Ken Has Quit The Game

Less than 48 hours after controversial rocker Donny Tourette quit the show, aged film director Ken Russell has now followed suit and left, having spent just 5 days in the game.

Donny disappeared over the garden wall on Friday night shortly after Jade's arrival, saying, "I'm not waiting hand-and-foot on some f***ing moron and her family". And it seems that Ken has also left because of Jade's clan, telling Big Brother at around 3pm this afternoon that nothing could stop him.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, Ken reared-up out of bed to have a pop at Jackiey and Jade for keeping him awake by talking.

It seems that Jackiey's constant flatulence also rankled the 79-year-old, something which has also outraged Jermaine. In fact, so despairing was the movie man of Jade's gobby Mum, that he even came to the Diary Room this morning to offer Big Bro an ultimatum.

Dubbing Jackiey a 'disruptive force, verging on pure evil', Ken suggested that if the gravel-voiced 48-year-old wasn't booted-out soon, he would resign. "I don't want to live in a society that is riddled with evil and hatred."

However, the final straw came in the form of 'set-to' with Jade today over his deliberate flouting of the task rules: Ken helped himself to a plate of cheese and crackers without assistance from the Servants.

During their barnie, Jade told major snorer Ken that he was inconsiderate, and in return he called her 'demented'. But the old-timer was arguably in the wrong this time, and seems to have been playing the part of the bourgeois fat cat a little too well.

About the 'less fortunate' housemates, he said, "They aren't people, they're Servants," and when Jade suggested that they wouldn't be able to eat for a week if the group failed the task, Ken flippantly replied, "Darling, the starving people of China don't eat for months".

So, two contestants have quit in a matter of days, and you have to wonder whether Channel 4's latest twist is backfiring spectacularly.

But would you rather have Ken or Jade in the House? Why not come and answer that particular question in our Discussion Forums.

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