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Jade Discusses Her Road To Fame

At around midday today, Carole quizzed Jade about how she got where she is and how the whole Big Brother thing got started for her.

Jade began by saying that she was 20-years-old and in a bad relationship, when she decided to give Big Brother a try in 2002.

"I never thought in a thousand years I'd get in here," said the former dental nurse, re-iterating that thousands of people applied.

The dippy 25-year-old then talked about how she had trouble getting through on the phonelines for an application form, but subsequently sent-in a video of her performing a 'ridiculous' party trick: putting her body through an elastic band.

Journalist Carole seemed keen to hear the full gen, as Jade skipped past her appearance on Big Brother 3, straight to her attendance at a college, where she learnt to be a beautician.

The former Bermondsey girl then talked about her co-owned salon Ugly's, which was featured in a TV show but got closed down after a year because Jade was personally subsiding it too much.

Having learnt that Jade is a qualified beautician, Carole then asked, "Is that what you'd do if this (fame) all went away? Do you ever think of that?"

"I could go back to being a dental nurse or beauty therapist... normal work doesn't scare me in the slightest," said the feisty youngster, drawing comments of admiration from her would-be interviewer.

Jade then claimed that whatever happens, her home would always be safe because she's invested her money wisely.

However, that's not something that she'll ever have to worry about to be honest, as although Jade has become famous literally for being stupid and little else, she is clearly very shrewd when it comes to money.

For the girl brought-up on a London council estate has apparently made £££Millions since leaving the (old) Big Brother House as the 4th-place runner-up, having been dubbed a pig by the tabloids and a total div' by the nation.

That got us thinking, what would you rather be: rich and dumb, or educated and broke? Answers on a postcard!

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