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Donny Has Left The Building

As a result of the Big Brother Manor twist being implemented earlier this evening, controversial BB character Donny Tourette has left the Big Brother House.

It seems that the anarchic punk rocker was not happy to be a slave to Jade & Co., so he rebelled against Big Bro by scaling the garden wall at around 11.30pm, assisted by 'H'.

About the incident, Channel 4 released the following statement: "Making contact with the outside world is a fundamental rule-break and as such, Donny will not be returning to the Celebrity Big Brother house."

However, this seems a bit harsh given that previous housemates have climbed on to the roof (Kitten, BB5) or refused to get involved in tasks (John McCririck, CBB3) without getting booted-out.

Big Brother usually just punishes the whole group in such cases, which inevitably raises the tension levels and makes for great viewing.

Some fans will feel that the broadcaster has deliberately made a rash decision in a bid to get back at Donny for ruining their big twist. However, that's probably unfair, as it seems that Donny was adamant about leaving anyway.

It is not known why the 25-year-old had a problem specifically with Jade, but it would be a bit rich if he refused to play ball on the grounds that her fame is rather tenuous. After all, hardly anyone had heard of him just a few days ago.

The newly-appointed servants learned of Donny's departure when Cleo read-out a laminate in the early hours, but they already suspected it after he was summoned to the Diary room. Frankly, they didn't seem all that bothered.

The Towers of London frontman spent just 48 hours in the game and so fans are unlikely to be outraged by the news of his departure. They are more likely to be shocked to lose this undoubtedly big character so soon, and split in terms of whether they're pleased or disappointed.

If you'd like to share your own opinion with other fans, then head over to our Discussion Forums now.

Don't forget to tune-in to Saturday's Channel 4 highlights show to see precisely what happened.

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