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Donny Susses Jade's Impending Arrival (Confirmed)

Talking to Jo this afternoon, 'H' suggested that someone else might be arriving in the House soon to shake things up. "There's got to be a cat amongst the pigeons soon," said the gay actor.

The pair then speculated over where another person would sleep, not considering the possibility that they might be going into the house next door.

Then Jo, pretty much hitting the nail on the head, thought the show's producers would probably try and separate the group after a few days because they're all getting on so well.

When Donny came over to join them, he was asked who he thought would be coming-in to shake-up the House. "Jade Goody, innit?" replied the churlish rocker, obviously having read the papers just before he went into the Big Brother House.

And indeed, Donny was right as we can now confirm that BB3 reject Jade, her Mum Jackiey and her boyfriend Jack are all coming into the House on Friday night, the latter having just been bailed for drink driving offences.

Now you can see why Davina said at the end of the launch show that you wouldn't want to be the person moving-in with that dysfunctional lot!

Jade and family will enter the Secret House on Friday the 5th of January during two live shows, and we believe that one of them may eventually return to the main House with the 'adopted' celebrity.

Then again, Big Brother has a habit of changing things at the last minute, so don't forget to tune-in to the first show at 8.30pm on Channel 4 to see what transpires.

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